What Dictates the Cost of Your Roof Repairs?

Numerous situations may necessitate a roof repair. For instance, missing or curled shingles, leaks, holes, and granules in the gutters are all signs that your roof needs immediate attention. Failure to rectify these problems can lead to even more significant damage to your home foundation and valuables and may risk your loved ones’ health.

A Roof and Energy Costs: What to Know

For most homeowners, improving their home’s energy efficiency revolves around HVAC tune-ups and upgrades. However, other components greatly impact your home’s energy consumption apart from your heating and cooling system. And unknown to many, the roof is one of these components. Your roof’s functionality extends beyond protecting your home against harsh elements. With proper design, […]

5 Causes of Roof Damage

Most roof problems start as minor issues that cause extensive damage over time. Your roof is vulnerable to environmental factors and neglect, and it’s essential to know the top causes of damage to recognize early signs. Check the leading causes of roof damage below. 1. Weather Extreme conditions are unkind to your roof as it […]

6 Signs You Desperately Need a New Roof

Your roof is designed to withstand elements and serve you for many years. But even the most durable roofing material will wear down at some point. The durability of a roof will depend on various factors like its material type, quality of craftsmanship, and maintenance levels. Watch for these six signs that indicate you need […]

Choosing Shingle Color With Existing Siding in Mind

Your roof’s color affects its curb appeal. For most houses, the shingle and siding colors are the major things people notice from the exterior. Thus, you should carefully choose your shingle’s color during roof replacement. Ensure the color you choose works well with your existing siding color. Below are a few tips to help you […]

Roof Replacement on a Budget: 6 Tips for Saving Money

After years of keeping your family safe and bearing the wrath of Mother Nature, your roof will eventually wear out and need replacement. Replacing a roof is a considerable expense, with homeowners often paying between $5,500 and $11,000. Fortunately, you can lower this cost and save money by using the tips and tricks below. 1. Know […]

5 Steps to File a Roofing Insurance Claim

Storms, high winds, and harsh winter weather can often do severe damage to your roof. You must repair any damage as quickly as possible to protect your home. This can be difficult to do when faced with unexpected expenses associated with damage. Fortunately, your homeowners insurance may cover some of these costs. You need to […]

Causes and Dangers of Failed Roof Flashing

Roof flashing refers to a thin metal sheet that roofing contractors use to seal critical areas of the roof. For example, roofers use flashing to seal the junctions between roof projections and roofing shingles. Roof flashing can suffer damage just like other parts of the roof. Unfortunately, damage to roof flashing can cause damage to […]

What Your Attic Says About Your Roof

A visit to the attic can tell you a lot about your roof. You can learn useful information this way since the attic is the closest part of your house to the roof. If you can get to the attic safely, look around and examine the materials to assess your roof’s condition. Below are the […]

Tips to Mitigate Common Roof Threats

Disasters, such as storms, can damage your roof and force you to replace your roof before its time. Fortunately, preemptive measures can help you avoid roof damage in the case of a disaster or due to normal wear and tear. Learn about some common threats to your roof and measures you can use to preempt […]