Roof Replacement on a Budget: 6 Tips for Saving Money

After years of keeping your family safe and bearing the wrath of Mother Nature, your roof will eventually wear out and need replacement. Replacing a roof is a considerable expense, with homeowners often paying between $5,500 and $11,000. Fortunately, you can lower this cost and save money by using the tips and tricks below.

1. Know When to Replace

The first step in roof replacement is ensuring that you need a new roof. The best way to establish this is to hire a roofing professional for an inspection. They will determine whether your roof requires replacement or if repairs will suffice.

If your roof has leaks, broken and curled shingles, or missing granules, or it looks dilapidated, replacement is suitable. Also, when you want to sell your home, replacing an old roof can be advantageous. You can use the new roof as a selling point and attract many potential buyers. Delaying roof replacement may hurt your pocket in recurrent repairs.

2. Do Your Research

Many homeowners make the mistake of settling for the first roofing contractor they come across. As a result, they end up paying huge costs for a replacement or choosing an unqualified contractor. You can avoid this blunder by researching different contractors and comparing their bids.

Nevertheless, do not choose the lowest bid. You may get an inexperienced roofer with substandard work. The ideal contractor should be qualified and licensed, have good reviews, and charge a competitive cost. Also, their materials and installation should come with a warranty.

3. Choose the Right Timing

Most roofers are busy during warmer months like late summer and fall since the weather is favorable for home improvement projects like roofing, and peak costs may apply. If possible, schedule your roof replacement in off-season months like late winter and spring. This way, you can negotiate the project’s price better and leverage off-season discounts.

4. Consider an Overlay

An overlay is a quick and budget-friendly option for roof replacement whereby a professional roofer installs new shingles over existing ones. This appeals to many people since it gives your roof a facelift while costing far less than a full replacement, as it requires fewer materials and labor.

A roof overlay can only save you money when done correctly and cautiously. It is an excellent choice for roofs without structural damage, leaks, and rot. However, you should discuss the viability of an overlay for your roof to avoid problems in the long run.

5. Use Your Insurance and Warranty

Typically, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover roof damage as long as it is not related to negligent acts like lack of maintenance. For instance, if a storm damages your roof warranting replacement, your insurance can cater for part or the whole replacement bill. Consult with your insurance provider on how much they can absorb.

Similarly, homeowners who have replaced their roofs in the recent past may still enjoy warranty coverage. As such, the warranty may cover the roof replacement costs. Therefore, check your warranty to see what it covers and under what conditions. It may spare you a huge chunk of money.

6. Understand Long-Term Savings

Although a new roof may seem like a costly endeavor, it saves you money in the long term. First, technology has facilitated the manufacture of strong and durable roofs with longer lifespans. As a result, your roof serves you for decades before needing a new one.

Second, energy-efficient roofs go a long way in reducing your monthly utility bills. You save greatly on home heating and cooling expenses. Third, a new roof often requires less maintenance and fewer repairs over time.

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