Your roof’s color affects its curb appeal. For most houses, the shingle and siding colors are the major things people notice from the exterior. Thus, you should carefully choose your shingle’s color during roof replacement. Ensure the color you choose works well with your existing siding color. Below are a few tips to help you choose.

Aim for Contrast

You rarely go wrong with a roof color that contrasts with other parts of your house’s exterior. Contrasting colors work well because they allow each part of the house to stand out individually. Anyone approaching the house will clearly see where the siding ends and the roof begins.

For example, blue or green shingles can contrast red or gray siding. Whether or not you aim for contrast, consider having the darker color on the roof and the lighter color on the siding. The darker color is visually more appealing on the roof than the other way around unless the siding color is already extremely dark.

Focus on the Trim

Another tip is that you shouldn’t focus on the siding per se but on the exterior house trims. Choose a shingle color that matches the existing trim color. House trim includes parts like fascia boards, corner posts, as well as the materials framing the windows and doors.

Matching shingle and trim color makes your roof look intentionally put together. Moreover, the match gives you the freedom to choose any shingle color and later change the trim color. Changing trim color is easier than changing siding color due to the differences in surface areas.

Stick With the Basics

Stick with basic roof colors if you don’t have a specific shingle color in mind and you want to play it safe. Basic or traditional shingle colors include black, brown, and gray. Different shades of those colors are also conservative.

Basic colors might not contribute much to your curb appeal, but they won’t make your roof ghastly. What’s more, the basic colors work with most colors, so you don’t have to worry about them matching with the siding color.

Don’t Shy Away From Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors for your roof. The traditional or conservative colors may work well, but they won’t make your house stand out. A bold roof especially makes sense if the siding is already bland. For example, you can choose red shingles if the siding is a dull gray. Remember that bold colors will attract attention to your roof and increase your curb appeal.

Go Bold With Blended Shingles

No rule says you must have one uniform shingle color on your roof. In fact, you can have shingles of different colors on the roof with what roofers call blended shingles.

Consider a case where you have different materials and colors on your house’s exterior. Focusing on a single color or material might not do much for the house’s curb appeal. Try colors that contrast or match the varying colors of your home’s exterior. Of course, you should be ready for the blended shingle’s dramatic effect.

Use Customized Shingles

Many people can easily find shingles that go well with their existing siding. However, you don’t have to repaint or replace your siding if you can’t find the color you want. You can order customized shingles of the exact color you want. The customization might require significant investment and time, but it is worth it if you want to put a premium on your house’s curb appeal.

Experienced roofing contractors should help you choose and install your roofing materials. Precise Roofing & Contracting has extensive experience with roof replacements. We aim to make your roof both durable and aesthetically appealing. Contact us for quotes on roof replacements or other roofing services you need.