5 Causes of Roof Damage

Most roof problems start as minor issues that cause extensive damage over time. Your roof is vulnerable to environmental factors and neglect, and it’s essential to know the top causes of damage to recognize early signs. Check the leading causes of roof damage below.

1. Weather

Extreme conditions are unkind to your roof as it is your residence’s first line of defense during heavy rainfall, storms, intense heat, and powerful winds. Wind damage is a common concern for shingle roofs as shingles loosen, curl, or fall off. As a result, the roof deck underneath becomes susceptible to water damage — and the water that caused it is able to seep into your home and deteriorate the attic walls.

Hailstorms are also destructive since hail particles weaken your roof’s protective coating and create holes that cause extensive damage. Over time, these fissures enlarge and give moisture and water room to reach your home’s interior.

Intense summer heat wrecks roofing systems because most roofing materials expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. You may notice fading, crumbling, and detached shingles that indicate the need for urgent roof repair. When choosing roofing materials, get the advice of a roofing expert to ensure you get the right system for the local climate.

2. Improper Installation

Many homeowners try to save on roof installation costs by hiring inexperienced and uncertified contractors. However, a poorly-installed roof quickly develops complications, leading to expensive repair and replacement costs.

For instance, incorrect installation of roof flashing exposes your home to water damage. Flashing comprises thin metal pieces placed under shingles to direct water away from the roof. A roofing contractor places flashing materials at the joints and awkward areas to prevent moisture penetration.

If your roofing contractor doesn’t correctly seal roof valleys, rainwater can seep through your roof and into the ceiling and attic. Roof valleys are areas where two planes meet, and your contractor should seal them properly to prevent cracks and leaks.

When you install skylights, shingles, or anything else on your roof, consult an experienced roofer since incorrect measuring and fitting of the features also leads to roof leaks.

3. Age

All roofs eventually age, even if you are diligent with repairs and maintenance. Cracked tiles, missing shingles, fractured flashing, and gutter issues are among the indications of an aging roof. You may attempt to repair an aging roof, but these problems worsen over time and cost a lot in repairs.

Your roof’s lifespan depends on the material, maintenance, and climate. For instance, asphalt shingles last between 15 to 30 years, and cracked shingles are mainly the first signs you need replacement. Metal roofs last 40 to 70 years with proper maintenance, while slate tiles last for over 75 years.

4. Pests

Pests wreak havoc on roofs, mainly because the signs of pest infestation aren’t always apparent. Termites are notorious for eating away a roof’s wood structure and compromising the integrity of decking, joints, and other supporting elements.

Over time, termites weaken your roof’s structural integrity as they travel to the attic and through the walls through the holes they create. The damage left behind by termites will likely remain invisible until your roof is close to collapsing. Rodents and birds also nest on roofs and may enter your home through roof cracks and spaces around the ventilation.

5. Poor Maintenance

Improper roof maintenance has many costly results, such as water damage, mold growth, pest activity, and premature failure. While roofing contractors recommend investing in sturdy roofing materials, even the most durable materials fall into disrepair without adequate maintenance. Have a roofing contractor inspect your roofing system habitually and perform urgent repairs that prevent extensive damage.

Roof damage worsens with time and arises from poor installation, pest activities, weather conditions, age, and inadequate care. Our roofing experts at Precise Roofing and Contracting extend your roof’s lifespan via specialist installation and repair services. Call us today for all your roof needs. 

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