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Causes and Dangers of Failed Roof Flashing

Roof flashing refers to a thin metal sheet that roofing contractors use to seal critical areas of the roof. For example, roofers use flashing to seal the junctions between roof projections and roofing shingles. Roof flashing can suffer damage just like other parts of the roof. Unfortunately, damage to roof flashing can cause damage to […]

What Your Attic Says About Your Roof

A visit to the attic can tell you a lot about your roof. You can learn useful information this way since the attic is the closest part of your house to the roof. If you can get to the attic safely, look around and examine the materials to assess your roof’s condition. Below are the […]

Tips to Mitigate Common Roof Threats

Disasters, such as storms, can damage your roof and force you to replace your roof before its time. Fortunately, preemptive measures can help you avoid roof damage in the case of a disaster or due to normal wear and tear. Learn about some common threats to your roof and measures you can use to preempt […]

4 Popular Roofing Materials: Pros and Cons

Do you need a new roof? If so, this can be a big investment. For this reason, choose the perfect roof for your needs and wants. While many different roofing materials exist, asphalt, wood, metal, and slate are some of the most popular. Before you request a quote on your new roof, check out the […]

Trees and Roof Damage: 5 Ways Trees Damage Your Roof

Trees around your home add beauty and increase your property’s value. And well-positioned trees can cool your home and lower utility bills in summer. However, trees hanging over the roof can lead to tree damage, which can require extensive and expensive repairs or even replacement. Keep reading to learn about five ways trees can be […]

Roof Leak Versus Condensation: The Diagnosis

Roof condensation and leakage might share some symptoms, but they are fundamentally different. A leak is far more dangerous to your roof’s integrity than condensation. You need a proper diagnosis whenever you suspect one or the other. Below are some tips to help you with the diagnosis.

4 Roof Issues to Check After a Snow Storm

Frozen precipitation can wreak many kinds of havoc on homes, including roof damage. Heavy piles of ice and/or snow can overburden your roof’s weight capacity, cause key components to leak, and leave your roof with damaged gutters or shingles. Without a strong, intact roof, your home may experience even worse damage from the next storm.

Does Your Apartment’s Roof Leak? The Do’s and Don’ts of a Rental Repair

Does your apartment’s roof leak? Should you put pots and pans under the leak to catch the water or do something more? If you’re not sure what to do next, take a look at the do’s and don’ts of apartment roof wear, damage, and leak repair. Do Contact Your Landlord More specifically — do contact […]

3 Reasons to Consider a Composite Shingle Roof

If you plan to install a new roof on your home soon, then you should learn about all of your roof material options. One option relatively new to the market compared to other roof materials is the composite shingle. Unlike asphalt shingles of fiberglass or cellulose mats topped with asphalt and mineral granules, composite shingles […]

5 Things Needed for Comfortable Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces makes entertaining easier and more comfortable. The addition of an outdoor kitchen and conversation area can make a small home feel much larger. Having certain features in the space also makes it convenient and appealing. Discover five features to consider when designing a backyard entertainment zone. 1. Start With the Surface A […]