Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are annoying and an inconvenience, as you often have to position a drip bucket on your floor each time it rains and stay up-to-date with the weather forecast. Furthermore, these leaks are a sign of more complex roofing issues in most cases. Understanding the causes of roof leaks can help you decide whether your roof requires repair or replacement. Read on below.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutter system should function properly to maintain a healthy home free of moisture. Water pools and enters any weak spots and cracks in your roof if the guttering system clogs. 

You may notice that less water flows through the downspout when the rain is heavy. You may also notice twigs and other debris sticking out of the gutter. In such cases, your gutter system may be clogged.

You must physically clear debris from your gutter with a plastic scoop or your hands. Start with the largest debris pieces and then remove the finer debris. Pour water at the top and see if it reaches the bottom to test if the gutter is clear.

Cracked Flashing

Roofers install flashing on the joints and under the roof’s shingles to create a barrier against water. Exposed flashing looks like long metal sheets, while concealed flashing should have a rubberized overtop.

Wind and rain can cause flashing exposure, as these elements cause the corrosion of the tar and seal over time. Your roofer will remove the cracked sections of the flashing, replace the parts with new flashing, and apply a sealant as needed. Ensure you regularly check the flashing around vents and chimneys for cracks that may let in moisture.

Cracked Vent Booting

Roof vents are pipe-like structures peeking out of your rooftop that eject excess moisture from your house. Roofers place flashing around roof vent openings and put a rubber boot where the pipe sticks out of the roof. However, as time progresses, the roof and flashing may decay. If leaks are in this area, you will likely notice mustiness and dark spots.

If your vent booting cracks, you may need to call a professional to remove the rubber around the vent, put in new rubber around the boot, and secure the new boot with nails. The roofer may also need to replace any broken shingles around the seal.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

Valleys are sloped planes where roofs come together to help water flow off the roof. If valleys are inefficiently sealed, they allow the entrance of rainwater that eventually runs off your roof. Other causes of this leak include cracks and erosion because of ice and rain. You can easily identify if this is the cause of roof leaks by searching for wet spots along the roof seams.

If you are experiencing leakage because of improperly sealed valleys, you should call a professional roofing company to help you. Your roofer will likely install a new leak barrier along the affected valleys.

Improperly Installed Skylights

Skylights are a great addition if you want to let natural light into your home. However, the areas around the skylight commonly cause leaky roofs. If you place drip buckets around your skylights’ sides, the lights may have been improperly fitted or the insulation along the edges may have decayed.

Clear any debris around the skylight first. Then, you can check for cracks in the window to ascertain that the problem is with the skylight fixture. If you find cracks, you can seal the cracks with clear silicone latex. Next, check around the flashing for cracks.

If you suspect your roof is leaking but cannot find the cause, you need a professional to step in and help you. Here at Precise Roofing & Contracting, we have the experience to identify and correct roof leaks. Reach out to us today with all your needs.

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