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The Benefits of a Real Estate Agent–Roofer Partnership

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Second Opinion

Home inspections can put a quick end to a seemingly simple deal. This step of the sales process can reveal hidden or unknown issues — some of which may require a serious renegotiation.

If the home inspector finds a leak, shingle damage, cracked shingles, or worn flashing, the repair expenses may not outweigh the time and energy-related costs of starting over again. But if the home inspector says the entire roof needs to go, your buyer or seller may have a problem with the current deal.

Before you assume the home inspector’s assessment is completely correct, talk to a roofing contractor. A home inspector is a generalist licensed by the state. Even though the inspector has knowledge of home systems and residential structures, they don’t necessarily have specialized expertise in one area — such as roofing.

A specialized roofing contractor can re-inspect the roof and either agree with the inspector or provide their own assessment. This provides you, the buyer, and the seller with extra options. The real estate agent–roofer partnership provides a pre-existing relationship for your client to benefit from. Instead of a time-wasting search for a second opinion, all you have to do is call your contact.

Pre-Sales Repairs

Does your seller already know their home’s roof has damage, requires extensive repairs, or needs a replacement? The disclosure of this information may make it difficult to sell the property.

While a pre-sales or re-listing repair or replacement can make the home more marketable, the seller may not have the time to find a roofer and get multiple estimates. An existing professional relationship with a roofer eliminates the need to interview contractors or get multiple estimates or opinions.

Along with the ability to save time, building a relationship with a roofing contractor creates a sense of trust. Your client can feel comfortable in your recommendation for their roofing repair or replacement. They’ll know the contractor will provide a top-quality service at a reasonable rate that you’ve helped to negotiate.

Speedy Close

Your client may not always know about existing roof issues. While some types of wear and tear or damage are obvious, others often go unnoticed. Cracked shingles are hard to see, leaks that don’t enter the main part of your home (or stay in the attic) can go undetected, and worn flashing is something very few homeowners think about.

If your client didn’t know about the damage and now needs to make repairs, a real estate–roofer relationship can help to speed the closing along. The partnership can put you in a priority spot. This means your client may not need to wait weeks or months before being able to close on the home.

Post-Sales Repairs

Your job doesn’t end the moment the buyer and seller sign their sales agreement. Even though your client just bought a home, they may want to sell the property in the future. A continued positive relationship puts you at the top of their list for sales agents.

After the deal is done, your buyer may need to repair or replace the roof. A first-time buyer or a client who is new to the neighborhood may not know who to call for this roofing service. Whether they don’t know how to start a contractor search or just don’t have the time to, your client will benefit from your real estate–roofer partnership.

Not only can they skip the search step, but they also won’t have to research references. You can provide your client with everything they need to know about the contractor and verify the roofer’s experience and expertise.

Are you a real estate agent who needs to partner with a roofer? Contact Precise Roofing & Contracting for more information.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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