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5 Things Needed for Comfortable Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces makes entertaining easier and more comfortable. The addition of an outdoor kitchen and conversation area can make a small home feel much larger. Having certain features in the space also makes it convenient and appealing. Discover five features to consider when designing a backyard entertainment zone.

1. Start With the Surface

A level surface prevents trips and falls and keeps the furnishings stable. Start with a concrete patio for the primary area, and use pavers to create walkways to additional conversation areas. The paths can also lead to relaxation areas like a bench beside a water feature or a hammock under shade trees.

A finished surface of concrete or brick will add interest to the look of the area. Walkways also help to reduce the foot traffic on the lawn so the grass stays healthy and lush. Finished surfaces are easy to keep clean so maintenance after a party will not take hours to accomplish.

2. Create Multiple Conversation Areas

The patio usually becomes the place for the main conversation and dining area. However, larger gatherings of people separate into groups for individual conversations. An outdoor living area with multiple seating areas can enable the groups to have their conversations in a comfortable setting without trying to talk over everyone else.

3. Include a Focal Point

Water features are wonderful backyard additions, but nothing draws attention like a roaring fire. An outdoor fireplace or a large firepit will always entice people to take a seat and stay a little longer. Researchers believe humans have evolved to appreciate fire because it was a necessity for warmth and food.

While humans may partially enjoy fire because of the experiences of their ancestors, other people remain nearby because of how entrancing a crackling fire is to watch and listen. A fireplace works well for those who hold many large gatherings, and a firepit is a cozy addition for more intimate evenings.

4. Make It Comfortably Equipped

Outdoor living areas are best when they include a beautiful kitchen. The ability to have food and beverages outside can prevent people walking through the interior of the home all day and night. Outdoor kitchens need to include at least a grill and mini-refrigerator, but the most elaborate have food preparation areas, brick ovens, and built-in equipment storage.

5. Keep It Reliably Protected

Oklahomans do not have to worry about rain destroying their plans as often as people in other U.S. states. The tradeoff often means contending with an overabundance of sunshine. In Oklahoma, the sun shines about 231 days a year, on average. That is much more sunlight than the national average. Reliable coverage protects people, plants, and outdoor furnishings from the potentially harmful effects of too much sunlight.

A solid shingled roof, rather than an awning or a table umbrella, can give secure coverage from direct sunlight and stay in place when the winds become too gusty. A roof will also keep an occasional rainy day from ending plans to socialize and can lower the temperature of the covered area so it is easier to enjoy.

Creating a stunning outdoor living space means adding the right features, but it also requires someone that can build and install those features so they look great and work as expected. At Precise Roofing and Contracting, we can add a roof, build a stunning outdoor kitchen and oven, and build a fireplace or firepit to meet your design preference. Contact us to learn more about what we offer. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design the perfect outdoor space for your home.

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