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3 Outdoor Kitchen Island Myths and the Truth Behind Them

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, then you may have considered installing an outdoor kitchen island, especially when the weather is nice. However, you may quickly change your mind due to one of the many misconceptions some homeowners have about these outdoor cooking spaces.

Read on to learn about three common outdoor kitchen island myths and the truth behind these misconceptions.

1. Prefabricated Kitchen Islands Cannot Be Customized

You can choose between two main types of kitchen islands: custom-made islands and prefabricated ones. Both have their unique advantages. A fully custom-made island is built to your exact specifications yet can take longer to install and can be on the pricier side. Prefabricated kitchen islands offer fewer design options yet can be installed relatively quickly and tend to be more affordable than custom-made islands.

When deciding on the type of kitchen island you would like for your home, you may suffer from the misconception that prefabricated islands offer no customization options. The truth is that most prefabricated kitchen island manufacturers allow customers to customize many aspects of their islands before delivery.

Every manufacturer varies in the customization options they offer. However, many allow you to choose:

  • Your countertop material from an array of options, such as granite, marble, or tile
  • The outer finish of your island base, such as brick veneer, stone, or stucco
  • The appliances included with your purchase
  • The cut-outs provided where you will install your own cooking appliances

Keep this fact in mind when deciding whether you would prefer a completely custom-made or prefabricated outdoor kitchen island.

2. Some Yards Are Too Small to Accommodate These Outdoor Cooking Areas

Another misconception many homeowners have about outdoor kitchen islands is that they can only be installed in relatively large backyards. The truth is that these islands come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes that can accommodate backyards of all sizes.

Compact islands are available that are just a few feet in width. In addition, you can choose between a rectangular and L-shaped island. Many people with small yards find that L-shaped islands fit more easily into their yards, since they occupy less linear space that some owners of small yards do not have to spare.

However, when choosing or designing a small island, be sure to include plenty of counter space in strategic locations for cooking and cleanup ease and safety.

Your grill and other large cooking appliances should ideally be between counters that are 12 inches and 24 inches in size, while smaller cooking areas can be sandwiched between 12-inch counters. Leave about 18 inches of space on each side of a sink (if you have one) to allow space for dirty and clean dishes.

3. Gas and Electricity Connections to Outdoor Kitchens Is Difficult

Unless you choose an outdoor kitchen island that includes only a propane or charcoal grill and no other cooking appliances, you will need to connect your island to at least some of your home utilities. However, you may hesitate to include appliances that require these utility connections in your island design due to the misconception that installing these connections is a time-consuming, expensive endeavor.

You can make connecting your island to your home’s utilities much easier when you install your island right next to the side of your house. This island placement eliminates the need to excavate new utility line trenches that run across the yard to your island.

However, running gas and electrical lines to an island not next to a home is a quicker and easier process than many homeowners expect. In addition, the cost of running a gas line to a gas-powered grill is a good investment that eliminates the need to purchase costly propane tanks to power your grill.

Now you know the truth behind these three common outdoor kitchen island myths. You don’t have to make committing to outdoor kitchen installation or choosing the right kitchen island difficult. Instead, contact the outdoor living experts at Precise Roofing & Contracting to discuss your outdoor kitchen island design and installation today.

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