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Benefits of Getting a Professional Roof Inspection Following a Storm

Every time the storm season sets in, homeowners don’t know what to expect since these unforgiving winds can be catastrophic. For this reason, you should ensure your roof is in excellent shape and take caution to mitigate the risks.

Whether you have prepared your roof for the storm season or not, you’ll need to check it out once the weather clears. Conducting a quick visual inspection will not provide adequate information, so you need to seek an expert inspection service. Keep reading to know why you should hire a roofer to inspect the roof after a storm.

Avoid Getting Injured

Even if you have a ladder, climbing on top of your roof to gauge its condition after a storm can be risky. You may make a wrong move and get injured because you lack the expertise to spot damage. Such an incident will also damage the roof further and increase repair expenses.

Since you need to know the actual condition of the roof and cannot handle the task yourself, assign the work to a competent roofing contractor. The professionals will look out for damages and recommend the best steps to restore your roof. Also, if the contractor gets injured during the inspection, you will not be liable. These professionals have an insurance plan that covers work-related accidents.

Know All the Undetectable Damages

When you opt to inspect the roof after the storm, you will find it difficult to detect the hidden damages. After all, you don’t know what to check, so you could easily conclude that everything is intact when you need repairs. The minor problems you don’t detect, like small leaks, will keep growing and eventually cause water damage.

An expert inspection is more detailed, so the expert will not miss invisible damages. They’ll identify all the damages, including the broken shingles and structural issues, and perform repairs. Since you cannot check the inside and outside parts of your roof, allow an expert to handle the job to address all roofing issues immediately.

Examine the Roof’s Stability

Other than identifying the damages that occur after the storm, professional roof inspection entails checking the roof’s stability. The roofer will check the condition of the roof support system to determine if the structure can still handle the weight of the roofing materials and elements that may land on the surface.

If the roof isn’t stable, you will need to repair your roof right away. You want to ensure the roof structure doesn’t disintegrate if a branch or solid body lands on the top when storm season returns. This will extend the roof’s lifespan and keep your loved ones safe.

Have an Easier Time Handling the Insurance Claim

Even if you have an insurance plan that covers storm damage and the insurance rep can see that your home is damaged, they will still need a detailed report on the damages to compensate you. The claim process will be less complex when you get a professional roofer to inspect the roof following a storm.

The contractor will not only write a report but also take photos for evidence. They may also write a comprehensive summary of their interpretations and even estimate the repair costs. With the report, photos, and repair cost details, you will be ready to start processing the claim. Your insurance provider will have no option but to compensate you.

A professional roofer knows the damages to look for after a hailstorm and can recommend the best roof restoration solutions. So, if you reside in Tulsa, OK, and need roof inspection and repair service after a storm, don’t hesitate to contact us at Precise Roofing & Contracting. We have vast experience and will offer excellent service.

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