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4 Roof Issues to Check After a Snow Storm

Frozen precipitation can wreak many kinds of havoc on homes, including roof damage. Heavy piles of ice and/or snow can overburden your roof’s weight capacity, cause key components to leak, and leave your roof with damaged gutters or shingles. Without a strong, intact roof, your home may experience even worse damage from the next storm.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Wind Damage

High winds, weather from a tornado, or just a regular storm can be especially hard on the roof. If you spot the damage early, you may be able to avoid a roof replacement because a repair will suffice. Know the common types of roof wind damage so you can spot problems quickly if they occur. […]

5 Tips for Tornado-Resistant Roof Design

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4 No-No’s When Dealing With Storm Damage

Fixing damaged roof shingles. A section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

After a major storm has struck your neighborhood, it’s time to clean up the debris and look around to see what’s damaged. But for your roof, you’ll need a professional inspection and often a professional repair. Here are four no-no’s to avoid when a storm damages your roof.